Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer Day


Today was nice and relaxing. I started the day off with an Alanon meeting, then had a long, slow lunch with the girls on the back porch, then went kayaking in the canoe canal. That turned out to be way more tiring that I thought. Last summer I could paddle for a few hours without getting tired. Today I didn't make it too far before my arms were burning. As I'm still sore from soccer a few nights ago, now my whole body is sore! I had to rest at home for a few hours before being able to get to the evening chores. Ah, this is the life- play, rest, play, rest!

I've got great pictures, but somehow can't remember how to get them on here! Maybe tomorrow.

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  1. Krista, as a writer myself, I totally see where you are coming from. Your blog reached so many people and served you so well ... now you more than deserve to be in your life and not have to write about it. Thanks for enriching us with your story, and I am privileged to have you as my sister and to know that I will be able to continue to share in your story. Love, Steve